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The best treatment option for a patient does not always equate to a comfortable recovery. Cambridge Medical provides solutions that increase patient satisfaction by reducing the level of discomfort experienced in the rehabilitation phases of post operative and non operative recovery. We work diligently with patients to ensure a high degree of compliance with treatment regimes. Our Care Team strives to have each and every patient return to you with highest levels of satisfaction.

Cambridge Medical provides patient benefit solutions that:

  • Reduce swelling and inflammation
  • Reduce the requirement for narcotic pain medication
  • Allow faster ambulation
  • Increase range of motion at a much faster pace

We also provide the following Surgeon Resources:

  • Infection Mediation Products
  • Scalable Orthotic & Prosthetic (Bracing) inventory and supply solutions

Patient care is our main focus! Ensuring that your patients experience the highest levels of attention while in our care is a responsibility that forms the cornerstone of our commitment!

We have achieved extremely high levels of patient satisfaction. The patients that we serve simply love the treatment we provide!

If you are interested in receiving a demonstration or additional information please have your office contact us. We look forward to being a resource to your patients on the road to excellent results.


Safety Concerns for Cold Therapy . . . .  Iceless far better than Ice fueled Cryotherapy

The Safe & Effective Use of Thermoelectric Technology for Cold Therapy

ThermoTek believes that a multi-modality approach to post-operative, orthopedic rehabilitation is the most clinically effective method of addressing DVT prevention, edema reduction and pain management. When DVT prophylaxis, compression and thermal therapy are combined within the same unit, patient compliance and ease of use are increased.

One such modality within the VascuTherm is cryotherapy. Cryotherapy, also known as cold therapy, is one of the most widely-used treatment methods for certain muscle and joint injuries.

Cold Therapy Devices

Cold therapy devices are typically prescribed by doctors, such as orthopedic surgeons and podiatrists, after certain surgical procedures to minimize pain and swelling and encourage mobility. Cryotherapy is commonly used to treat joint pain and post-surgical swelling in areas such as the ankles, feet, wrists, hands, knees, and shoulders. Cryotherapy machines circulate cold water around these areas after surgery.

Injuries Caused by Ice-based Cryotherapy Systems

If cold therapy devices are used too long, or at too cold of a temperature, it can result in serious injuries such as nerve damage, chronic pain, or frost bite. With little or no instruction or warnings, patients may subject the skin and underlying nerves to very cold temperatures for extended periods of time. Because ice therapy can desensitize the affected area, serious injuries can occur without the patient’s immediate knowledge. Case studies have documented this injury pattern.

1st – What occurs at the cellular level:

Soft tissue trauma from injury, overuse, or surgical intervention causes an inflammatory response. At the cellular level, trauma causes disruption at the cell wall and can damage the cell and surrounding cells. As a response, the cell attempts to repair itself using anaerobic metabolism, which cannot be sustained. Because of this, the damaged cell cannot regulate the concentration gradients and allows water to pass through. As water dilutes the cells, the body releases a number of chemicals to correct the issue and get rid of cellular debris. As this happens, vasodilation occurs, increasing blood flow and transporting of fluid to the inflamed area. This process accounts for the redness and swelling sometimes associated with inflammation.

2nd – Cold therapy is an effective modality:

By utilizing cold therapy, the temperature of the tissue is lowered and the rates of the chemical reactions that actually cause the inflammation are slowed. Therefore, more cells survive, the damage slows, and healing is accelerated.  The cold also acts as an analgesic and reduces the pain from any inflammation and the associated swelling.

3rd – Safety considerations when using cold therapy:

It is important to note that cold therapy is effective only if used properly. Using a device that is too warm is not therapeutic, while using a device that is able to get too cold can cause damage to the tissue and nerves. The VascuTherm is one of the only ice-free devices available on the market, so temperature is precise and stable, therefore removing the worry of running out of ice or running another device at a low temperature that could potentially cause frostbite. The VascuTherm is regulated to operate between specific temperatures (43F-50F), therefore significantly reducing any risk of cold injury. The technology used by the VascuTherm is referred to as thermos-electric cooling.