Cambridge offers a variety of Patient Care Products. Our focus is to bring safe and efficacious products that offer clinical benefit ranging from pain relief, reduction of inflamation and swelling to products that reduce patient risk of infection associated with various procedures.

Post Operative Pain Management:  Often times when faced with the difficult decision of following through on the right treatment for a condition or injury we spend much time in fear of the pain we may experience. This is natural, however, the time spent delaying the procedure can often result in a worsening of the condition. Despite the fact that pain provides incredible information that the body uses to react and heal. A great deal of pain can be minimized and avoided. Cambridge offers non-narcotic , programmable, ice-less cold compression therapy.

Non- Operative Pain Management: If your experiencing pain and or swelling due to arthritis or injury. Cambridge offers Pulse Electromagnetic Frequency treatments that are fully portable.

Insurances excepted:

We specialize in the treatment and care of Workers Compensation injuries. Although our treatment modalities offer  benefit to patients regardless of how the injuries are sustained, the opportunity for the patient to receive the benefit without ANY COST is highest for these coverage types.

The most common procedure types that we see are knee injuries (ACL/MCL repair)  as well as shoulder injuries (Rotator Cuff repair)

For a list of conditions/Injuries we treat listed by Anatomy, please click below:


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